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Designing for all stages of life

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This week I had the honor of meeting with 2 different clients to create bathroom designs that would work for their changing physical needs.

Client #1

This delightful couple is in their 80s and committed to staying in their home of 50 years for as long as they can. With a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease a new reality, making their home safe for them while they grapple with change has suddenly become top priority. We assessed their needs and looked at both bathrooms to see what made the most sense now and what would have the greatest impact on resale value when that time comes. I brought a contractor to meet with them and we were able to use my suggestions to meet their needs within a budget and timeline that worked for them. Hopefully this will allow the whole family some peace of mind and allow my clients time to make decisions about their next steps at a pace that works for them.

Client #2

Last summer I helped sell a rental for this couple in their 60s. He had recently been diagnosed with early onset dementia which was quickly progressing. This once vibrant couple who loved to travel the world were quickly realizing that life as they knew it was about to drastically change. As his mobility needs changed, she was aware that their home would require some renovations to meet those needs. Given her flair for color, love of light and eye for design, we were able to create a design to convert an extra bedroom to a walk in closet, bathroom and laundry space. All accessible by wheelchair and ranking high on the cool factor. Her nervousness about creating a space that would look "too medical" was alleviated once she saw that accessible design can be gorgeous when done right.

Check out this article for some fun (and useful) ideas for accessible bathroom design!

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